Company Presentations

Company Presentations

According to the organisation "Alcohol Change" lost productivity due to alcohol use costs the UK economy more than £7 billion annually.

40% of employers mention alcohol as a significant cause of low productivity.
Between 3% and 5% of all work absence is caused by alcohol consumption.
35% of people say they’ve noticed colleagues under the influence of drugs and alcohol at work.
25% say that drugs or alcohol have affected them at work, with 23% saying they had experienced decreased productivity as a result.

Currently there are no accurate statistics for drug-related accidents in the workplace but many fear that this percentage is also high. Given these current trends, companies would do well to seek advice and enlightenment in drug and alcohol awareness. 

Narconon drug education services offers two types of presentation for companies. The first is the normal format that we deliver and is geared towards parents within the company. These presentations are normally delivered at lunch hour times and cover all of the basic physiological and mental effects of drugs and alcohol and how to talk successfully to a son or daughter who you suspect is using drugs.

The second type of company presentation is geared towards human resources/personnel staff and deals with spotting the tell-tale signs of drugs in the work place, how drugs can impair work performance and be a liability, and also offers solutions. These presentations last two hours, including question and answer sessions, and are normally scheduled around the convenient time slots for the manager and his or her staff.  We are also happy to make taylor made presentations as necessary for each workplace situation.