Narconon Drug Prevention and Education

Narconon Drug Prevention and Education

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Welcome to the Narconon UK Drug Education website. Since 1984 we have been delivering drug education to schools across the United Kingdom. Our presentations are easy to grasp and contain comprehensive data about the physical and mental effects of drug taking.

We do not employ 'scare tactic' information or in any way patronise our attendees. Rather, our goal is to empower young people with the real facts about substance abuse. In this way, they are better placed to make their own decisions regarding street drugs and alcohol.


Our drug education formats are tailored to different needs and can also be adapted to fit time constraints. We offer a variety of options for primary schools, secondary schools, colleges, youth groups, businesses, sports organisations and health professionals.


The goal of Narconon Drug Education is a UK youth disabused of false data about drugs and empowered to make the right choices about them. We seek to encourage students to achieve their goals in life and avoid the pitfalls of substance abuse. We also seek to promote general awareness in the arena of drug prevention and to emphasise the point that there are solutions to the problems of substance abuse and the war against drugs is one that can be won.

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