Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does Narconon® Drug Education align with the new curriculum guidelines?

A. The Narconon drug education format aligns with Sub-Section 2.4 Drug Education In The Curriculum
( Section 351, Education Act 1996 ) Key Stages 2, 3,& 4, regarding the effects of drugs, alcohol, solvents and tobacco on body functions and general health.

Q. How much do the presentations cost?

A. Contact the Narconon Drug Education office for current tariffs. Full or partial sponsorship from the corporate sector is also often available.

Q. How many pupils do you prefer to address in a session?

A. We range from 30 to full lecture halls or assemblies. We understand it’s easier to work around a school’s timetables and schedules. In that way it makes less problems for the PHSE teachers involved.

Q. Can the length of sessions be varied if required?

A. Yes, the format can be modified to allow for time constraints.

Q. How long has the Narconon Drug Education network been delivering drug education in schools?

A. Since 1985 in the UK.

Q. Are your presentations available across the UK?

A. Yes. For Northern Ireland, however, we require three months notice for bookings.

Q. Is there any religious content in the Narconon Drug Education format?

A. No. Narconon Drug Education UK is a secular charity.

Q. Does Narconon Drug Education work with other organisations?

A. Yes. We sit on the National Drug Prevention Alliance and work with other local groups wherever possible.

Q. How does Narconon Drug Education stand on the current “Harm Minimisation“ approach?

A. We are vehemently against it. Drugs are dangerous, either physically, mentally or both. There are no grey areas with regard to this.

Q. Why use Narconon Drug Prevention and Education Services UK?

A. We are part of a worldwide organisation that has rehabilitated many lives from addiction as well as reaching millions with our Drug Prevention and Education services. In the UK we have delivered over 10,000 drug prevention sessions to over 500,000 attendees. Our rehabilitation centre in Sussex is CQC certified - ‘Narco-non’ means ‘no-stupor’ or ‘no-drugs’ as no drugs are used in rehabilitation. An independent randomised trial done on one of our prevention programmes showed that attendees were 40% less likely to try drugs than those in the model group. (PDF)

Q. How did the Narconon Drug Prevention and Education program develop?

A. Narconon’s Founder William Benitez, a reformed addict, gave the first talks in the late 1960’s. Further discoveries and developments by Narconon President John Duff and veteran Drug Prevention Specialist Bobby Wiggins, have led to today’s presentations.

Q. What is the source of the Narconon Drug Prevention and Rehabilitation methodology?

The drug rehabilitation methods and the drug education talks are based upon the research of humanitarian and author, L. Ron Hubbard. It is part of his secular (non-religious) studies in education, morals and the effects of drugs and other environmental toxins.

Q. What is Narconon Drug Prevention and Education Services trading status in the UK?

Registered Charity No. 267386

Q. Are all Narconon Drug Educators DBS checked? (Disclosure & Barring Service)

A. Lecturers are passed by the DBS before being allowed to lecture in schools. A Certificate is issued from the Service with no expiry but may be checked online at any time.

Q. Where is the Narconon UK Head Office?

A. The Narconon Drug Prevention Services UK Head Office is situated in Twickenham, London. The Narconon Rehabilitation Residential Centre is located near Heathfield, East Sussex.

Q. Who can qualify to become a Narconon Drug Prevention and Education Specialist?

A. Persons interested in helping others become aware of the consequences of drug abuse are eligible to train to become Narconon Drug Education Specialists. Some of the lecturers are reformed drug users.

Q. What is the mission statement of Narconon Drug Prevention and Education Services UK?

A. Our goal is a UK population disabused of false data about drugs and empowered to make the right choices about them. We seek to encourage people to achieve their goals in life and avoid the pitfalls of substance abuse. We also seek to promote general awareness in the arena of drug prevention and to emphasize the point that there are solutions to the problems of substance abuse and the war against drugs is one that can be won.
Further, we aim to reduce the demand for illicit drugs and thus reduce supply, to prevent the abuse of all drugs including prescription drugs in the UK and thus reduce the numbers of people harmed by drug abuse. We want to enable more people to live productive drug-free lives.

Q. How long has Narconon Drug Prevention and Education been active in the UK?

A. Narconon UK first began delivering drug awareness sessions in Businesses, Colleges and Youth Clubs in 1980.

Q. Our company ethos is based on Christian values. Are the Narconon materials religious at all?

Narconon materials cover only the effects of drug abuse on the body, mind and personality. There are no religious or specific philosophical statements made by the Lecturers. Individuals from all religions or no religion work together for this secular charity. Narconon centres are run by Muslims in Pakistan, Buddhists in Taiwan, Mormons in Utah and Catholics in South America, to name a few.

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