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40th Anniversary Newsletter

2020 is definitely worth remembering, if only to commemorate 40 years of Narconon delivering Narconon’s ‘The Truth About Drugs’ sessions in youth clubs, businesses, community groups and, most of all, schools across the UK. Prevention is always better than cure.

In 1980, the first Narconon ‘The Truth About Drugs’ session was organised in an East-End youth club by Rhoda Zeffertt, Noel Nile and Susie Levett. Youth clubs were the main venues for such sessions to begin with. Then, a well-known actor of that time, David Kossoff (who had lost his son to drugs and was lecturing in schools), recommended Narconon to a top private school when he was unable to attend. That session was extremely successful, and the teachers then recommended us to other schools.

Since then, Narconon UK has reached well over a million individuals with this information, during more than 10,000 sessions in schools. During the last few years before 2020, Narconon has been reaching over 25,000 UK school pupils a year. In 2020, despite lockdowns, we still reached over 5000 pupils with our standard presentations and our new webinars.

To celebrate the 40 years we have produced a special newsletter you can download here.

Posted on Thursday 11th February 2021

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