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From attendees………..

“I can use what I learned if someone offered me drugs.”
Student, Birmingham

“The Q and A session was good because he did not shy away from answering personal questions about his life on drugs and it really helped."
Student, Yorkshire

“I can use what I’ve learned to give ( advice ) friends when I’m older. I can think towards the future.”
Student, Walsall

“My own thoughts changed after hearing the talk.”
Student, Bury

“I can tell other people so they won’t have to get on drugs and have an unhappy life.”
Student, Hampshire

“I thought they just made you high but now I realize it can do so much more.”
Student, Dorset

“It was a very interesting experience for the year and I believe we would think again before taking drugs.”
Student, Sussex

………..and from Educators

“…….promoting a very positive and mature format which the children benefited from greatly.”
Assistant Headteacher, East London

“….their response to the content of his presentation has been very positive.”
Teacher, Glasgow

“In my experience Noel’s drug talk was not only the most informative but the most powerful.”
Assistant Headteacher, Portsmouth

“The students have made many positive comments to us about the afternoon and I am sure we all learnt a great deal.”
Teacher, Leicester

“Our Head of Careers commented on the session as being delivered by one of the best speakers she has seen in school.”
Teacher, West Midlands

“……….how professional and informative the session on drug education was last Monday.”
Headteacher, Suffolk

“The presentation was well informed and realistic and my tutor team thought that it was delivered in a most effective way.”
Teacher, West London

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